This is, as Virginia Woolf advocated, a room of my own: a space in which I can explore and nurture a creative voice. Music, travel, history, ideas and truly terrible television are my main vices. Capitalism, the patriarchy and dealing with a chronic illness are my main gripes.

My writing has been featured in Feminartsy and Womankind. I play with narrative non-fiction, political and cultural commentary, and travel memoir.

I live in Canberra, Australia. My day job concerns international politics. I have a beautiful doggo who provides ample opportunities to laugh and smile, and harangues me if we don’t spend enough time in nature.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations (with First Class Honours) from the University of Queensland, where I focused my study on Eastern European history, culture and politics. I speak enough Mandarin to impress in restaurants and get out of simple pickles.

My gradual migration south started at 17, when I left my hometown of Rockhampton: renowned for its cattle, heat, murders and racism.

I was thrilled to be the Writer in Residence for Feminartsy in 2017. Check out the work of this awesome feminist literature and arts journal here.

All images and photography featured on this site are the author’s own.